Expropriation (LoSec Expansion) Part 2

True "Pirate" systems. Sure, in deep 0.0 you have Angels, Serpentis, Gurista home systems/constellations. However, these cartels should have LoSec systems that are theirs as well - these would not be patrolled by CONCORD/Empire, they would have pirate faction agents, stations and LP stores. Think Tortuga from Pirates of the Carribbean. Gate guns on the "outside" do not fire unless combat occurs at the gate, regardless of GCC status, on the inside gate and station guns do not fire at negative security status pilots unless attacked directly (and only shoot at positive security status if they aggress in range). These should be dead end or pipe systems. They would provide PvE content (missions/loot/etc) and safe havens for negative security status players. Also NPC market for lowest tier drugs/boosters


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