Local Law Enforcement Officers

A mechanic could be introduced to encourage co-operation within population clusters and allow them to provide their own security.


Think wild-west frontier towns with it's sherriff and deputies. Although far removed from any support, the sheriff would have some powers to assist in the day-to-day policing of his township and outlying homesteads. This would clearly be open to corruption, some communities might find themselves in the grip of a tyrannical gang, whilst others might have benevolent protectors. You never know, it might encourage a few poachers-turned-gamekeepers.


A New Skill


Skill: Local Law Enforcement

Description: The understanding, administration and enforcement of local laws.


4% per level increase to security status increase per pirate head.

4% per level decrease to security status per infraction.


Prerequisites: Social V

+ DED Connections IV


DED Licensing Agents


DED Licensing Agents have been positioned at various stations in low-security systems in order to facilitate the employment of local Law Enforcement Officers. DED personnel that have been assigned these undesirable posts realise applicants are not always of the highest calibre and their recruitment standards are varied, however the following criteria must be met by capsuleers seeking A DED Law Enforcement License.


Local Law Enforcement Skill: Level according to system security applied for.

Security Status: Minimum -5.00 (some agents may expect better)



System Security Level 0.1 : Min. Req. Sec. Status -5.00 : Local Law Enforcement IV

System Security Level 0.2 : Min. Req. Sec. Status -4.00 : Local Law Enforcement III

System Security Level 0.3 : Min. Req. Sec. Status -3.00 : Local Law Enforcement II

System Security Level 0.4 : Min. Req. Sec. Status -2.00 : Local Law Enforcement I


Faction Standing: Varies

Corporation Office: The applicant must be the member of a corporation currently renting an office in the system in question.


The Local Law Enforcement Licence


The holder of this licence has been recognised by CONCORD, DED and all associated organisations as an individual of good character capable of upholding the law within the boundaries of appropriate jurisdiction.


* Whilst operating within the bounds of jurisdiction (ie. the licence-holder's home system), gate and station weaponry will not fire upon any ship piloted by the individual. Furthermore, the license holder will incur no security status loss nor criminal countdowns for initiating combat within the system of jurisdiction (these bonuses are invalidated if fleeted with any unlicensed pilots).

* The license-holder will have access to a secure constellation-wide Law Enforcement channel to assist in communications between local LEOs.

* A LLE licence-holder with a Security Status of +4.5 or higher and Local Law Enforcement V can apply for an extended licence with constellation-wide jurisdiction.


The principle behind this mechanic is to provide some small advantage to local residents in combating the criminal element. It would allow the specialised use of frigates and cruisers at gates and stations. It also provides an additional mechanic to allow the recovery of security status for reforming criminals.


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