Smuggling Ring

Smuggling Rings


*Portion of Scelestus Justicia Concept but may be used independently.


- Smuggler agents available in los-sec stations and in space at SMuggler gates (see below)

-- Will buy Illegal goods (according to region and illegality)

-- Gives out Courier and Manufacturing missions which in volve the transportation/production of Illegal goods

-- Act as locator agents for Smuggler Gates, revealing systems where they are located. Range depends on Agent quality and level and Smuggling Skill.

-- Smuggling agents move between stations periodically but will inform players working for them that they have done so.

- New Smuggling NPC faction

-- runs the Smuggler Gate network and Smuggler Agents.

-- Faction Transport ships (between T1 and T2)

- Smuggler Gates

-- Hidden gates scannable with probes

-- Gates move within a constellation but always connect to the same distant constellation.

-- *Optional* Password required for gate use?



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